William Michael Garrison

January 5, 1994 - August 8, 1996

Erik Hagan Garrison

July 5, 1995 - August 8, 1996

Cattle Die, Kinsmen Die
You Too Shall One Day Die
But Fair Fame Never Dies
For the one Who Wins it Well

Over two and a half years have gone by since tragedy struck and our sons were taken from this world. The agony of that memory will never diminish, but seasons continue to change and life has continued on in it's cycles. We have been able to bring something positive out of this tragedy. As we are parents who have lost their children, we could not allow a child who have lost her parents to grow up alone. We have adopted a beautiful baby girl from Romania. We have given this child a new start in life and she in turn has given us a new start. May the Gods bless this new beginning.

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